Roskilde Cathedral & Denmark’s National Deva

A seat of Divine Will/Power for the Christ

Whilst visiting a dear friend in the seaside town of Roskilde, on the island of Sealand at the bottom of the Roskilde Fjord in Denmark, we decide to explore the Roskilde Cathedral.  An exquisitely beautiful cathedral, it has been extensively renovated and is now a pristine vehicle for the Light of Christ and Archangel Michael.


As we enter the Cathedral an air of power and blessing enfolds us.  We move into silence and reverently walk throughout the Cathedral, spending more than an hour absorbing the Light therein.

Protection for all time is felt. 
I become aware that Angels of the Christ have been placed here to protect and defend Denmark from the incursion of the sea.  Intuitively I understand that this Cathedral is linked to other centres of power under the general auspices of Lord Morya – White House, Washington, USA;  Australian parliament Canberra, Australia; Westminster Abbey, London and others. The Royal Violet 7th Ray energy streams forth emanating and merging with the Ray of Will and Power.

You walk in the footsteps of the Christ.  An image of a blue shield surrounding Denmark appears before my inner eye.  This blue shield stretches from coast to coast; from Esbjerg on the Atlantic Coast to København on the shores of the Baltic Sea and to the northern parts of Jutland.  It encircles and protects Denmark from all harm."
cathedral Light_web

This cathedral, built in the 12th century, is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site, has been the mausoleum of the Danish Royal family since the 16th century. Queen Margrethe I (1353 – 1412), who united Denmark in the 14th century. 

"From this place within the cathedral potent Light flows forth.  I see an inner triangle of Will/Power linking Oslo, Roskilde and London.  Through their cathedrals and parliaments the Light of Divine Will and Power is transmitted.”

We leave the Cathedral and follow the centuries old path to the Fjord, spending a pleasant afternoon by the water, marvelling at the replica of a Viking ship that made the arduous journey across the sea to Ireland many centuries earlier.

Later that evening another friend tells me that Esbjerg is believed to be the root charka of Denmark; whilst Odense is the Heart chakra and Copenhagen the Crown Chakra of the nation.  If this is the case then Roskilde surely holds the Will/Sacrifice petal, within the Crown chakra of Denmark.


Reflecting upon the sacred sites of Denmark, we talk about the Copenhagen Cathedral, Church of Our Lady, which is a vehicle for the dispensation of the Golden Ray of Love/Wisdom, soul ray of the Danish people.  From this beautiful Cathedral, (where current crown Prince Frederik and his wife Mary where married) Light streams forth into the capital region and beyond.

Further contemplation on the National Deva of Denmark and the Rays which govern the country reveals:-

“The National Deva immerses Herself in lakes, waterways and forests.  She is one aspect of a group Scandinavian Deva – Norway, Sweden, Denmark.  These three countries are united in history, geography and to a lesser extent by the nature of the people."  
Norway radiates the 1st Ray of Will/Power, Denmark the 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom and Sweden the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence.  In the region of Varde, Angels of the Christ work
"The soul of the Danish nation seeks redemption for past errors and judgements of pride and regional power-broking. The personality ray of the nation is strongly mental, with an inclination towards judgement and over-reasoning.”

Meditation upon a map of the country reveals a triangle of light, which is created, formed and maintained by the National Deva between København/Roskilde, Nykobing M. (Lemvig) and Varde/Esbjerg. A leyline from Varde through Kolding and thence to Roskilde and København is observed.  Protective energies supported by the National Deva  are sensed along the Atlantic Coast. 

Chandra Easton
28th May, 2013