Letters on Joy

Yasodhara Buddha

"Lady Yasodhara is the Lady of Compassion. She is the Twin Ray of the Lord Guatama and in her embodiment with Him, when He walked the earth as the Buddha, had to suffer the grief and loss of her beloved. This developed her heart and non-attachment. Amongst other tests and trials in her development, her yearning and her love have helped her develop to the point of becoming the Lady Buddha. Merging with the White Tara as the Lady Buddha Christ, she brings joy and acceptance, wisdom and love.
These are some of the Mothers who work together to spread Light, Love, Compassion and Grace, awakening hope and Divinity in the pure of heart, working together to bring Peace and prepare the Earth and heal humanity for the coming of the Lord Maitreya. They stand as a doorway to the Kingdom of God, that we may come to know the Son, and the Father, that we may sit at the Father’s Table and come to know Him, that we may come to Shamballa.
The Lady Yasodhara stands with the Lord Maitreya bringing forth the Compassion of the Buddha. She walks the Earth in the hope we will hear Her and accept Her Love, Her Compassion, and Her Grace. Let us open our hearts to Her that the prophecy may be fulfilled and the Lord Maitreya walk the Earth."  

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