Herald of Ages

We are living through extraordinary times on Earth. As the Great Year, approximately 25,920 years, ends we complete the circle of twelve Zodiacal Ages. At this time humanities destiny, as caretakers of earth and the lower Kingdoms comes under review. Collectively, our soul purpose is to learn about Love; to learn to live in Love; and ultimately to become Love.

Each Zodiacal Age is presided over by a Buddha of Earth. As we move through the Great Change into the Age of Aquarius, Lord Gautama Buddha, who was the Buddha for the Age of Pisces moves onto other work in Cosmos. The Buddha for the Age of Aquarius is Lord Maitreya , who now steps forward slowly to guide humanity through the next stage of our evolution into the Age of the Heart. For those who wish to know more about Lord Maitreya, please access the Teachings of Ananda Tara Shan . . . . .

Doctrine of Avatars

Between the Age of Pisces and the end of the current Great Year, a period of intense planetary karmic cleansing is occurring, in order to prepare the Way for the next Buddha of Earth, Maitreya. Below a Teaching from Lord Vishnu explains the process that is now underway on earth.

Lord Vishnu from Bhagavad Gita
We shall Overcome

Timetable for the Age of Aquarius

A Great Year is approximately 25,920 earth years; within this cycle there are twelve Zodiacal Ages of 2,160 years each. These Zodiacal Ages overlap and the period of transition, (from the end of the Age of Pisces and the current Great Year through the beginning of the Age of Aquarius into the next Great Year) is known as the Great Change.

In order to understand how such large historical cycles may impact humanity and the earth, astrologers consult Solar Eclipse cycles, along with other diagnostic tools. Following is a talk, based upon the prodigious Solar Eclipse of March 2015, which is relevant to the upheaval /Great Change, we are currently experiencing on earth.