For the Earth

The Angelic Host work tirelessly for the Earth.  Every year, as we approach the Festival of All Angels and Michaelmas, 23rd – 29th September, Their Light shines forth, to heal humanity and the Earth. This beautiful prayer For the Earth is timeless. Written some years ago, nevertheless clearly the urgency of this call to arms continues to be very relevant.

We sing for the Christ, we sing for the Mothers
We sing, we heal, we sing, we heal.
We are Light, We are Sound
We are holy vibration, receive us now.

From the Altar of the Earth, we come.
Through the Altar of the Earth, we come.
Through His Holy Vehicle, we come.
Release yourself, imbibe us, release yourself.

Through the breath, with grace,
Through the song, we impart Light.
Lift yourself, release yourself,
Lift yourself, become yourself.

We are the radiance of your soul, returning unto you.
We sing to comfort. We sing to heal. We sing to redeem.
Enter into the Heart of the Altar of the Earth.
He Who is the Lamb sends us forth.
Magdalena, Jesus, Nada, Magdalene, Jesus, Nada, Magdalena, Jesus, Nada.
We sing to the Christed self with you.
We call upon your soul to come forward into Light.

We work for our celestial brothers and sisters, Arcturians, Sirians.
From far flung galaxies they come.
They come to aid in your release.
They come to bring Light to Earth. They come.

On bended knee, they come, in service to the Christ.
They are our brothers and sisters.
They sing of the Lighted spheres.
They sing of an Earth without suffering, they sing.

They sing for peace, for peace for all, they sing.
They sing the Light of Sirius, the Light of Hope.
To Earth they sing.
And so rejoice and comforted be.
And so rejoice and comforted be.
Become yourself.  Stand tall.
Become yourself.  Stand Tall.

Join us, sing for earth. Join us.
Within the radiance of His heart, we stand, Join us.
Within the radiance of Her heart, we stand. Join us.
Holy thou art, holy thou wilt become in outer form.

We call upon your soul to arise!
In the name of the Mother of the Earth, Queen of Shamballa.
We call upon your soul to arise!
The realms of darkness are being released.

We sing to the core of earth
We sing to the core of darkness.
We sing for the suffering, the hatred, the violence.
Come forth into the Light.
We sing the darkness into Light. We sing.
Through the Heart of Michael, Father Divine.
Through the Heart of Maitreya, Son and Brother.
Through the Heart of Yasodhara, Mother and Sister.

We call upon your soul to arise.
We call upon the soul of humanity to arise!
And arisen you shall be, and holy you shall be.

And holy shall be the earth.
And the Heavens will sing and sing and sing.
For Light shall stand victorious, our Light.
And holy you shall become.

Peace and blessings from the heart of Christos be upon you all.
Peace and blessings be.