Earth’s Great Change

On earth we are witnessing unprecedented global changes – climate collapse, locust plagues, extinction of many species, global pandemic, stock market collapse – to name just some of the crisis’s gripping humanity. These shock waves are the birth pains of the New Humanity and the New Earth. Life on earth at this tumultuous time provides us all with opportunities to learn, heal, adapt, surrender, trust and ultimately raise our consciousness into the heart. The Great Change is the movement from darkness to Light, a journey which we are all undertaking.

These talks draw upon Esoteric and Mundane Astrology – Solar Eclipses, Ingress – to sketch the stages of the birth of higher consciousness which underpins the crisis we are all experiencing on earth.


Article: Living in Light in the midst of the Great Change . . .

From the years 2015 & 2016

Through the lens of the Solstice and Equinox charts, focused upon different countries, and with the aid of astro-cartography, some predictions have been made.  Whether any or none of these predictions occur from June 2015 onwards depends on many complex factors, including the will of the people of different nations, as well as my ability interpret the charts.  Below is a series of short videos – ranging from 10 mins to 30 mins per region.

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  • Japan
    Phillipines, South Pacific & New Zealand
    Iceland, Greenland & North Pole 
    Eastern Europe
    South East Asia
    Central & South America
    Middle East

Regions still to come:-

  • North Atlantic & North Pacific Oceans
  • India, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet
  • Africa

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