Earth’s Great Change

On earth we are witnessing unprecedented global changes – climate collapse, locust plagues, extinction of many species, global pandemic, stock market collapse – to name just some of the crisis’s gripping humanity. These shock waves are the birth pains of the New Humanity and the New Earth. Life on earth at this tumultuous time provides us all with opportunities to learn, heal, adapt, surrender, trust and ultimately raise our consciousness into the heart. The Great Change is the movement from darkness to Light, a journey which we are all undertaking.

These talks draw upon Esoteric and Mundane Astrology – Solar Eclipses, Ingress – to sketch the stages of the birth of higher consciousness which underpins the crisis we are all experiencing on earth.

2020 – 2023

This is an update from a previous talk on the relevance of the Total Solar Eclipse of 14th December 2020, which continues to influence us all until December 2023. Topics covered include, Sagittarius A: Portal Galactic Centre, Age of the Heart, Fixed Stars with their focus upon war, science/medicine, healing, mysticism and messengers from other realms. (Please excuse the typo at the beginning of the talk – Eclipse was 14th Dec 2020 – not 4th Dec 2020)

Discussion on the Solar Eclipse of 21.06.2020, Gangotri, India and its global implications.

Since the Eclipse window opened on 1st June many matters predicted in this talk have come into high global focus including: –

1.Pandemic/monsoon crisis escalates in India
2. Global Crisis/awakening via Black Lives Matter
3. increased global UFO activity
4.  Chinese incursion into northern India & Tibet
5. Global Economic Recession  . . . . Depression

Discussion on the Great Change, through the lens of the Solar Eclipse of 26.12.2019 and the March Ingress 21.03.2020

Discussion on the acceleration of the Great Change; through the lens of the Solar Eclipse of 26.12.2019, Indonesia.

Matters predicted in this eclipse to be aware of include:-

1. Eruption of equatorial volcanoes including Krakatoa
2. Global erosion of democracy
3. Pandemic toll within United Kingdom
4.  China’s use of Surveillance Technology
5. Materialism versus Humanitarism
6. Space Race and Elon Musk
7. Rise of Digital Economy
8.  Global Recession . . . Depression
8.  Reset Global Trade Agreements China/Australia & other countries

Timing of this long talk – follow the Links:- Broad discussion of facets of understanding the relevance of this Eclipse commencement to 18:00; followed by the Location of Eclipse; Saros Series nature of Family and the history of this Eclipse commences 22:30; timing of Eclipse season commences 32:00; interpretation of Indonesian chart commences 33:00; The discussion specifically pertaining to Australia starts at 40:00; discussion on UK/Ireland chart 49:30; discussion on the Chinese chart starts 52:45; chart on USA commences 56:00. Shifting to interpretation of the Himalayan Solar Eclipse of 21st June 2020 commences at 1:00:00; discussion on Indian chart 1:06; discussion on the Nepalese chart 1:07:30; Britain commences 1:08:50; Prince Charles 1:10:05; conclusions 1:10:40

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