Aura and Angels

Aura Angel Art

Excerpt from aura reading

During an angelic aura reading, Chandra is in communion with your angelic guardians.  Using pastals she draws the colours of the auras, whilst passing on messages from your angels. 

Soul Ray

The first frequency I notice is a deep pink seated around the heart chakra – this is a beautiful colour, it seems to be swirling from the heart up and out into the astral body. It gives a love of life and a love of humanity and a strongly passionate nature, though I get a sense that there has been some grief or bereavement in the life. . . . . . There is also sometime about suffering and the lessons of suffering and silent suffering, not martyrdom, that is required. This is silent suffering – a soul induced lesson. . . . .

Ray of Personality

The golden light is all around the face and the golden light is suffusing the head seems to indicate that there is a strong capacity for self reflection – it is actually very lovely the way the golden and the rose light are meeting, and as they meet they give this merger which softens. I have a sense that there has been a harshness, a reliance upon intellect alone in other lifetimes, but that seems to be in the process of softening. . . . . . . .

Lower chakras

And I can see – there is a radiant like, an apple green and it goes from the solar plexus chakra and it goes down to the outer part of the aura and it gives a strong interest in healing and capacity for healing and a strong mysticism and more than one lifetime of mystical search. Very deep intuition associated with this green as it reaches down into the lower aura. There is a need, and it is a beautiful green, but it seems to – there is something about this energy of healing which can be given to others, but also needs to be used and incorporated or balanced with the giving to the self – very lovely green in the aura . . . . .

There is a deep violet light and it seems to be sweeping through the reproductive area and down into the lower part of the aura and this gives a deep clearing, a deep clearing of past life matters of sexuality and power and a – well it tells me that it has been an incarnation of great cleansing and great transformation and makes me wonder whether there is much left of the old life and I get the sense that you have outgrown much of your old life and probably moved through a variety of powerful steps this incarnation.

Something about this magenta light that is a little dark and so I am softening it around the edges and there is a gentleness and a softening that I think has happened with age and time. . . . .

Middle chakras

And there is a very lovely blue – it is the same as the blue that is around the throat and it is fanning out it seems to be making inroads towards the throat – going out and up and it is as a result of a lot creative self expression – and I get the sense that there is a pull and a call to artistic kind of leanings – yes artistic leanings – this is something that is developing with practice and clarity.

There is quite a rose pink, a paler pink sitting in certain parts of the upper aura, also a very pale blue sitting in different parts of the upper aura – seems to go into this pale lilac colour, just really the pink and blue that has mingled and created a pale lilac in the upper part of the aura which is giving a search for meaning, there has been a great search for meaning in this incarnation to a point of softening – there is a lot of softening that has happened and will continue to happen because of relationships, family life and other matters. There is now a great gentleness and softening in the upper part of the aura.

And there is this kind of sector in the middle that is deep blue – and it talks about the strength of will and character and also what needs to be surrendered and I can see a bit of a struggle going on to allow some part of this surrender form and expression.

Upper aura

In the upper part of the aura there is more of this beautiful green – it is as if this green light is suffusing around with rose and blue – a sense of striations that is a little hard to draw – highly intuitive – a strong devic connection.

Above the crown there is violet light streaming in shafts really – sort like a beautiful corona – almost flower like – not only violet, its blue and it has green and it is actually moving all the way through to the throat chakra – this strong kind of angelic impulse to creative and communicate and touch life. And I can see what look almost like antenna out – coming out from the eyes almost, like antenna – they streak out in this kind of blue and violet and green – this interesting mix of the blue, violet and the green – inspiration, healing and transformational light – it flows out into the life, into a life of service.

Angel of Creativity

One of your guardian angels, appears – She radiates a blue starlike quality whose task it is to enhance creativity. Her aura is very blue, she stands starlike – a radiant blue, the centre of her aura emanates purity, shimmering white all around her auric field. Behind her radiates the clearest green light disc while a pale rose light of love steams out from her heart to you and beyond.

(The reading continues for another 20 minutes with room for discussion, elaboration and specific questions.)

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