Spiritual Healing


Chandra works inspirationally to heal on many levels in co-operation with your soul.  Such healings can be transformative, blissful, releasing and creatively invigorating. Chandra uses creative visualization, intuition and/or regression to access and move beyond inner blockages., to tap into the source of long standing personal or relationship issues. You soul light then assists in moving back into balance.   Cost:  60 mins. $100   –   90 mins. $130


For a relaxing quick healing, bliss out with beautiful music, as the angels come to cleanse and purify the energy bodies of your aura. Effortlessly they will lift tension, confusion and overload, balancing your chakras and bringing you peacefully back into heart alignment.

Cost:  30 mins. $70

Major_Arcana___Hermit_by_secretgal1234PAST LIFE HEALING

Using guided visualization and healing through your soul’s light, patterns from the past are brought into consciousness, transformed and released. Wonderful therapy for those areas of life where you feel stuck in a rut and unable to move forward.

Cost:  90mins         $130

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