Sacred Earth Retreats

Under Desert Stars


"The retreat to Central Australia with Chandra Easton and Arjuna Govinda was to me an extraordinary spiritual experience and opportunity for spiritual and personal growth. The way the group was facilitated created very ripe conditions for growth through the numerous group workshops contained within the duration of the retreat. A central component was the linking in with divine spiritual beings and ancient spiritual focal points created by indigenous people. This infused the group with extraordinary energetic support, and coupled with the facilitators' strong understanding of psychology and group dynamics created an excellent opportunity for individual growth through inner processes of great depth and understanding. Adding to this there was a lot of energy work done for the planet through the energetic focal created through the group. This was used in ceremonial service and with beautiful music from Arjuna as an important ingredient. For me it was a journey into the soul realm of human existence where our true eternal nature of being becomes a living reality, and indeed a perspective to live, interact and grow from. I can highly recommend Chandra and Arjuna as facilitators for spiritual retreats - with love " KK

"Profoundly beautiful nature connection, profoundly deep inner experience and healing for self and the Earth. I would recommend these retreats to anyone interested in connecting more deeply with the Earth and ourselves."  SK

"The trip to Central Australia with Chandra in June 2016 was truly inspiring, with walks in silence, reflection on nature, along with opportunities for healing and spiritual growth. Changes to the program were easily and effectively managed by Chandra, when the occasions arose, much to her credit. By dividing the group at times, into the men with Arjuna and the women with Chandra, it allowed for spontaneity and a dynamic that I believe would not have otherwise eventuated in a mixed group. Overall, the retreat was challenging at times, on different levels, and wonderful at others.  I entered this retreat with an open mind and heart: to experiences, healing, changes and blessings. The highlight of the trip for me was our second visit to the Kantju Waterhole at the base of Uluru. There, I received blessings from the Spirit of Uluru and from the energy of Archangel Michael, one of my favourites. That experience brought me to tears of gratitude and joy."  MM

"Just wanted to say thank you for a great retreat, I really enjoyed it and I got so much out of it.  Uluru is truly beautiful and certainly a very special place.  The people on the retreat were all lovely and easy to get on with also, which made it very pleasant.  If you do any other tours elsewhere, please let me know." AG