Music and Meditation

Meditation and music is an invitation to become our true selves. This beautiful song Blessed Union, written by Chandra in 1999 and played here by Heartsong twenty years later was loving arranged and recorded by my co-worker and compatriot on the Path, Arjuna Govinda from Music Heart Journey . . . .

Music and the personal life

Through rhythm the soul takes control of the personality – this can used to advantage by form a regular meditation habit.  Meditation leads us from the illusion of the outer world to the reality.  Meditation leads the aspirant to the fiery world, invoking as it does deep spiritual contact.  Through this action an unavoidable stream of energy flows from the inner spiritual centres to the outer world.

Meditation calls in the Light and raises energy from the lower to the higher chakras.  It teaches us to push beyond the bounds of analytical and discriminatory powers.  It does not remove one from the personal world; it does not change one’s personal life or make it go away, rather it changes the way we perceive the world.  Through meditation we develop a growing sense of spiritual detachment. 

Meditation increases Soul control and thus brings about control of the lower mind.  It raises our vibration/consciousness.  It is an inner redemptive act, an act of the conquest of inner space.  It leads us to detachment, discrimination, group consciousness, dispassion and initiation.