2023 Monthly Updates


Part One: Chandra discusses the Sun’s movement through Virgo from 23rd August – 13th September Covering personal and broader social issues..


Chandra discusses the Sun’s movement through Leo from 23rd July – 22nd August. Covering:- finding our community; choosing joy; finding courage; financial squeeze; sustainable actions; Eclipse call to action and more (see Hybrid Eclipse from April 2023)


Chandra discusses the planetary patterns as the Sun moves through Cancer 21st June – 22nd July. Covering:- humanity standing at the crossroads; survival matters; the Path to the Heart; personal choices and ways of living a spiritual life, as we move through the Great Change.


Chandra outlines the planetary patterns and the cycles unfolding as the Sun moves through Gemini from 21st May – 20th June 2023. Covering national, personal and international possibilities.


Chandra covers the significance of the astrological patterns observed from 20th March – 19th April 2023. Topics covered include housing, financial, food crisis/sustainability; new directions, effective use of freewill, political and societal restructure/challenges. Navigating the Great Change we are living through. Check out Chandra’s YouTube channel for more resources, talks and meditations


Following the Suns movement through Pisces 19th February – 20th March. Chandra discusses the global matters indicated this month, including global earthquakes/Aquarius Stellium, focal Uranus; global floods/Pisces stellium; war in Europe and Middle East politics Vulcan/Pluto conjunction Capricorn; South Node – degrees of physical comfort; as well as ways to personally navigate the ups and downs of this period.


Following the Suns movement through Aquarius, 20th January – 19th February. Covering Venus/Saturn conjunction – what kind of society do we choose; Sun, Vulcan Pluto conjunction Capricorn/Aquarius – volcanic international dynamics/global power and global organizations power grabs; South Node in Scorpio – refusal to live in fear, and wise choices needed re money; who controls space controls the planet; Central Banking Digital Currency; Uranus options to break stalemates and more.


As astrological overview of the first three weeks of January, as the Sun moves through Capricorn. Covering Capricorn stellium: – personal goals, boundaries commitment; Saturn in Aquarius: – finances, global technology, media & conflicts; Pluto leaving Capricorn – what are we losing, giving up, moving on from. Mercury retrograde:- inner contemplation, mental focus and more.

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