Clairvoyant Soul Reading

angel soulAs a visionary I bring forth from your soul, clairvoyant images, clairaudient messages and uplifting healing vibrations. I access information from the inner annals about your unique life path. They shine light on the underlying causes of many important issues including life purpose, karma, relationships, vocation, family etc.  Sometimes past  or future lives are revealed;  sometimes a medical analysis is given for those with specific health issues.  Most of the time is spent listening to this information, although space is provided for specific questions and clarification. Feel free to bring along no more than 10 questions that you would like clarification around.  All consultations are recorded for your benefit.   50 mins. $120

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UTube:  Excerpts from a clairvoyant soul reading from many years ago, which contains general information and tools which may be useful for some people dealing with depression and mental health challenges.

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