Angels of Mercy & Compassion

Knock Cathedral

Our journey takes us to the West Coast of Ireland and County Mayo. Remembering the words of Father Neville and his recommendation that whilst in Ireland:- “ the small village of Knock and its Cathedral, the sight of miracles since a visitation by Lady Mary is a must see destination”, we travel back to Dublin via Knock.

Seated in the quiet peace of this Cathedral, the ethers are busy with the Light of many, many angels.

tapestry apparatition

“Mary of the Annunciation and Her ministering angels are present within this vehicle of Light. For those who suffer; for those who seek relief. Come one, come all. May the peace of our Holy Father be upon you.  This Temple is a Temple of Healing and as such is under the general benevolence of Lady Mary. Through Her Heart streams the Light of Love, the Light of Healing, the Light of Redemption.

Let all who seek peace come unto the Mother. Let Her benevolence penetrate pain and suffering. Let Her light, light the lamp of Hope within your heart, that you may share this light with those in need. Glory be.  We of the Angelic Host fly to the bidding of Lady Mary. Her prayers, Her benediction, Her bounty is upon all who enter here.

I send my prayers to the poor, to the dispossessed, the dispirited; to those who are suffering because of past and present pain, economic hardship in Ireland – I send my prayers.

  Her Church is worldwide. Her praises carried on the wings of Angels of Mercy and Compassion. Blessing be upon you in the name of the Mother. Take Her Light into the world.”

Chandra Easton

14th June, 2013