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As a lifelong student of the Ancient Wisdom, books have always been a source of education, inspiration and joy. After studying for a considerable time, in 1999 I wrote my first book Earth in Transition. At this point if 2020, the writing continues to flow . . .

Children of the New Civilization

A fascinating account of the Great Ages of Earth, the history and future possibilities for life on earth. Life in the 21st Century is described through the lens of the Great Change and its various stages including the Great Ascension, Great Reversal, New Dawn. Other topics covered included Root Races, Seven Mayan Prophecies, Birth of a New Civilization, Tools for Transformation and Meditation. . . . .

Joy of Service

A study of the vocational paths of the soul, based on Esoteric Psychology.” Topics covered include:- Law of Service, Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, Seven Divine Streams, Seven Planes, Stanzas for Soul direction and the Ten Seed Groups. . . . .

New Day Dawning

“In the current years of turmoil on planet Earth many people seek understanding and peaceful, just solutions to personal and global problems. This book is a collection of essays, prayers, poems, songs and teachings inspired from the Heart. It seeks to uplift, and point the way to the New Day which is dawning for Earth and humanity.” . . . .

Awaken to Ascension

“Isis. Lady of Mysteries reveals Herself to us at our time of need. As we approach the endtimes, the Great Lady of Sirius beckons us to follow Her over the threshold and into the New Mysteries. ” A beautiful meditative entry into the Light which is the Lady Isis. . . .

Goddess Mysteries

Myths of the Goddess down through the Ages have been collected from a variety of sources and combined with an astrological, esoteric and modern Theosophical approach. Meet the Goddess in her many faces as She continues to exist in the spiritual realms. This is the journey of women through many cultures and down through the ages. . . . .

Earth in Transition

Humanities voyage of transformation from the 20th to the 21st century, outlines through the astrological lens, some of the momentous changes which are gripping humanity and the earth. This is occurring as we move from the Age of Pisces towards and into, the Age of the Heart, the new Age of Maitreya, also known as the Age of Aquarius. . . .


Children of the New CivilizationE-Book157/A5$3.00
Isis Rose of AscensionE-Book111/A5$3.00
Joy of ServiceE-Book 40/A5$1.00
Light of the Soul & Joy of ServiceE-Book175/A5$ 6.00
Realm of the Soul (3)Hardcopy138/A5$33.00
New Day DawningE-Book138/A5$3.00
New Day DawningHardcopy138/A5$20.00
Awaken to AscensionE-Book 21/A6$1.00
Earth in TransitionE-Book349/A5$10.00
Goddess MysteriesE-Book129/A5$3.00
Diamond Light – Esoteric Healing (1)HardcopyA4/140$32.00
Diamond Light – Esoteric Healing (2)HardcopyA4/136$32.00
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