Pallas Athena

Known by many names including Athena and Minerva, She is a Goddess of Truth & Mercy, who works through the 5th Ray of Divine Truth. She is the matriarchal Mother Goddess of Athens, protector of women’s right. Pallas Athena sprange forth from the head of Zeus/Jupiter. She was born carrying a javelin and is often seen carrying a shield. Her totems are the owl, oak tree and intertwined snakes. She is commonly seen wearing a helmet with owls and griffins inscribed upon it. She is the protector of Arts and Cities and declared in ancient times “I have come from myself”.

She is associated with the Path of the Feminine moving through the three phases of Virgin, Woman/Mother and Crone. Pallas Athena governs funerary rites of the passage from death to greater Life. Her dark face is that of the Medusa. In ancient Rome, she worked with the Vestal Virgins to tend the sacred Flame at the Temple of Vesta. In Greece she officiated for several centuries at the Temple of Delphi, over the oracular work of the priestesses, known as Pythia. Call her into action when Truth and Justice are needed.

Meditation into the Light of Truth

From the Teachings of Ananda Tara Shan in her book The Seventeen Steps to Perfection, the meditation exercise to attune to Minerva/Pallas Athena reveals that her keynotes are Truth, Efficiency and Inner Mental Peace. In Ananda’s Teachings we are told the Moon hides the esoteric focus of Minerva who is the Star of Wisdom.