Raphael, Guardian of Heaven


In the last degree of Leo, Regulus is one of the four Archangel or Royal stars, also known as the Guardians of Heaven, is presided over by the Healing Archangel  Raphael. The Head of the Host of Healing Angels who serve the Christ, Raphael is integrally associated with transformative healing, which both humanity and the planet are experiencing during the Great Change.   As the old is swept away, the New Earth is slowly birthing.  Raphael and his Angelic host,  in close co-operation with certain Extra Terrestrials beings,  work tirelessly to heal the earth.

Archangel Raphael

Raphael harnesses the energies of Truth & Healing, whilst the spiritual vibrations of Leo disseminate Love and Wisdom, which cleanses the misuse of power, worldwide. He supports and strengthens great moral an ethical  fibre within the leaders of earth – in all spheres, religion, music, education, politics etc.  If true morals and ethics are not a part of a country’s national and foreign policies they will begin to disintegrate under the powerful impact of Regulus.  By true morals and ethics is meant the capacity to deal judiciously, wisely, compassionately and firmly with one’s people and one’s neighbours.  Leaders, be they political, religious, social  or economic, who fail to act from the heart of all honour and justice will be swept from power.

Violet Fire Transforms

Since 2012 we have been witnessing the slow breakdown of the old society and simultaneous building of the New Civilization is accelerating.   Under the energy of Uranus waves of Violet Fire have been sweeping through our civilizations, landforms, governments and nations, bringing to the surface all that needs to be  cleansed and purified.  A resultant crumbling of many aspects of our civilizations has begun.  The potent Light of Shamballa continues to descend,  through certain Fixed Stars, Initiates and senior disciples of the world.

Those souls who are receptive to their soul Light stand in solidarity, as the foundation stones for the New Earth are laid.  Together we stand, with courage and love.