Esoteric Astrology

Unique Life Path

Using your time, date and place of birth, your natal map reveals your Life Path. Talk to Chandra to gain depth and insight into your soul purpose and practical timing for the months and years ahead.  The reading is recorded, which is invaluable for review. This is a very interactive consultation; feel free to discuss personal matters and/or ask questions. All consultations, with the exception of relationship charts are 1.5 hrs.

Comprehensive insight

  • Natal: life purpose & spiritual awakening
  • Synastry: relationships, family matters, children
  • Astro-Cartography: career, vocation, travel planning: details below
  • Transits & Solar Return: timing for major life decisions – year ahead
  • Secondary Progressions, Solar Return, Transits: overview next 3 years
  • Medical Astrology: medical matters . . . .
  • Solunar: family planning – details below
  • Testimonials . . .

Uncertain Birth Time

Your birthchart may be cast if the birthtime is uncertain, although an extra fee is required to undergo the process of rectification.  In this case, a photograph and 6 very significant dates from your life are needed.  Additional fee of $50 is required to rectify your chart.

Consultations: $275

  • Choose what suits your focus:-
    • Natal, Solar Return, Transits
    • Children and parental comparison
    • Progressed, Solar Return, Transits
    • Natal & Medical Astrology & Solar Return
    • Natal, Solar Return and travel planning

Relationship compatibility: $320

  • 2 natal charts & Composite, Synastry charts
  • 1 hr 45 mins in length

Astro-cartography – travel planning

Each year on your birthday, a new Solar Return chart comes into force in your life..  It is a map for the year ahead, and quite literally can be consulted to assist you with your travel itinerary.  When combined with your natal chart travel map and transits, it is a wonderful tool for the next adventure in your life. Testimonial . . . .

Natural Family Planning

The Solunar cycle, (which determines the relationship at the time of your birth, between your Sun and Moon), can be used to predict the cycles of high and low fertility within a woman’s life. This is very useful in understanding when you are ovulating. Parents who are having difficulty conceiving, but prefer to follow the body’s natural cycles, will greatly benefit from applying this method. By understanding the optimum dates within the month to fall pregnant – as well as other fertility insight garnered from the natal chart and transits – you are able to gain a degree of empowerment around this matter. Equally, the Solunar cyle can be used as an additional contraceptive preventative. Bey understanding when it is best to abstain from intercourse, according to the Moons phase and position, natural family planning can be achieved

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