World Teacher of Angels and humanity

Christ’s work in the Golden Age of the Heart

Maitreya Buddha standing

All Ages are heralded by Change and Transition. In order to birth a new consciousness humanity needs to understand that New Day Dawning they are led forward by those of greater Light. The Way forward is through the Heart of the Christ, Lord Maitreya. He is the Wayshower, the Golden Heart of the Age of the Heart. His work is to illuminate, to uplift, to heal, to educate, to seal the world against evil. His work is to cherish and protect; to demonstrate His allegiance to His children. His work has just begun and yet it has existed for millennium. He seeks to bring Earth forwards in her evolution. He seeks to uplift all upon this planet through His vibration of Love. His is a mighty task and a mighty Heart. He walks with us and ahead of us. He is the Glory, the Truth and the Light. He knows no separation. He exists within the hearts and minds of all who seek Him. Seek Him there. He exists within the hearts and minds of all His children and through this contact.

He seeks to guide, instruct, heal and resurrect. He is the Doorway of Revelation. He is the Heartbeat of Earth. His task is to walk with us. He leads the Way, we follow. He calls us onwards, we respond. He Wills to Love, He is the Will and the Love of God. He is none other than the Lord of Love. As we move forward into the New Day of His coming, we remember Him from times gone by. He has always and forever walked with humanity, He is our Wayshower. He has always and forever forgiven humanity, He is our salve. He will always and forever walk with us into our future, into His Golden Age, to which we are all invited. His is the Hand of friendship; He is the Heart of Joy. His World is a place of safety and protection with no walls. Enter freely those who seek to love. Enter freely those who seek to forgive. Enter freely those who seek salvation. Enter freely those who seek to serve. He calls us to His World and to His Work.

Establishment of the Sangha – Community of the Heart

May all those who seek His Heart, His Comfort, His Protection, His Law find safety in the new Age which is birthing. As we move forward with hope and courage amidst the devastation and dissolution of the Piscean Age, let us remember that we are members of one family, one humanity, who seek to live in peace. Together we will and must build our new society based on tolerance, love, compassion and sharing. Together we will and must survive the death throes of the old Age. Together we will and must rebirth our hearts and minds into a new vibration. This new vibration is one of hope and courage, of peaceful solutions and courageous victories.

Together we will birth our new communities and new families; our new cultures and civilisations based on the best of the past. We take with us all that is fine and good and wholesome from the last 2,000 years and we move forward with trust in our hearts and an eager step to the new lands, the new horizons. Together we can achieve a great deal. On our own we are helpless to stem the tides of hatred which threaten to overturn this planet. Together we form a network, a coalition of the heart; a coalition of goodwill; a coalition of peace. Together we seek the way into the light of the New Day which is dawning upon our planet. Together we trust in the higher purpose of this transformation. Together we pass through the portals of Initiation into the light of our soul and Spirit. Together we seek new communities and greater peace. We include, we share, we open our hearts and our minds to the new humanity. Together we are the new humanity, victorious through our refusal to subjugate another on the basis of their colour or creed.

Together we speak with one voice. Let us learn to love one another. Let us learn to heal one another. Let us learn to forgive one another. Together we marshal the Forces of Goodness, the Forces of Justice, the Forces of Righteousness. Together we stand victorious in the Heart of the Buddha Maitreya. In His Heart and from His consciousness, we grow, we lift we elevate, and as we do so we ascend into the light of our souls and Spirits. Our new communities will reflect this growing love, tolerance and compassion. Our new societies will be based upon equality and justice of the heart.

May His Laws be heeded. May His Laws be honoured. May His Laws become enacted. May His Laws become loved. This is our prayer.

Chandra Easton


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