Across the Bridge of Forever

Across the Bridge of Forever, into the timeless realms. Across the Bridge of Light, into the realms transcendent. Across the Bridge of Joy, into the song of my heart. Across the bridge of fear into my loving embrace. Across the bridge of separation into the new society.
We are all together as one humanity.  A mighty tide is sweeping over earth.  Many things you are attached to will be swept away in this incoming tide of the new century.  Many old hopes and dreams will disappear to be replaced with new horizons and shared goals.  Those who choose to walk forward without fear or hatred or envy will be protected.  Those who choose a path of separation, of hatred, will disappear into a miasma of their own making.

In time of despair, walk together in hope. In times of confusion, place your faith in love. In times of lack, ask and you shall receive. You where born for these time; where we walk across the bridge over troubled waters.  You where born for this Age; an Age of Justice and Love.
Let go of illusions, open to Goodness. Let go of lies, open to Truth. Let go of chaos, open to the Beauty that surrounds you. Seek stillness and peace and it will find you. Seek out those of light heart and mind.  Be still and go within.  Be still.