Archangels & Great Change

Archangel Week:  23rd – 29th September

The days leading up to Michaelmas, 29th September, are known in the Maitreya Theosophical Tradition as the Archangel Days. From the 23rd to the 29th of September inclusive the Archangels, both male and female, are celebrated in the following order. During each of these days a specific spiritual vibration descends upon earth and humanity. These potent energies may be distributed by those individuals or groups who consciously work for the Christ to bring about greater balance within upon the earth:-

Lord & Lady ArchangelsPrincipleArchangel Week
Zadkiel & Amethyst Law and OrderTuesday 23rd
Uriel & Donna GraceHealing the EarthWednesday 24th
Raphael & MaryHealing the AirThursday 25th
Gabriel & HopeHealing the WatersFriday 26th
Chamuel & CharityLove & Active IntelligenceSaturday 27th
Jophiel &ConstanceJoy & WisdomSunday 28th
Michael & FaethWill of GodMonday 29th

Michael Festival – 29th September

The Archangel Days culminate on the 29th September with the Festival in honour of Archangel Michael and His Twin Flame the Lady Archangel Faith. At this time in the spiritual year the karmic deeds of our past year are weighed and balanced by the Board of Karma. It is also the time when a vision of the soul’s dharma for the coming year may be accessed by the discerning. This Festival is a particularly potent time of the spiritual calendar, for aligning with the higher vibration of one’s soul.

Archangel Michael, the White Horseman & His Holy Host ride to victory

Watcher of the East working through the Fixed Star Alderbaran

Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy and the Angelic Kingdom stand at the ready – ready to assist, ready to guide, ready to lead and yet humanity must choose. Will they follow the politicians who are meant to embody leadership in the spiritual sense of the word or will they blindly follow the drumbeat of war, of ethnic hatred and retaliation.

Throughout humanity’s history in the Piscean Age wars have been fought over religious idealism and zeal. Fundamentalists, be they Christians, Jews, Arabs, or Hindus have waged war on each other. The Fixed Stars of Antares and Alderbaran are associated with this age old struggle – the struggle for the emergence of true warriorship. Archangel Michael, the Protector of the Christ, has amassed his Host and rides now for the victory of the Light on Earth. All those who would stand and ride with Him must respond to His call.

He calls for action. He calls for the protection of the persecuted. He call for courage in the face of amassed evil. Let us respond to the call to arms. Let us respond to the higher vibration of the Archangelic Host. Let us expand our hearts and minds and stand firm upon our refusal to hate. Let us close the door to evil, within ourselves, within our nations and our racial collective unconscious. Let us invoke the mighty Fire which exists within the body of the Earth to purify this Earth. Let us call for the cleansing power of the Waters of the Earth to heal and purify our emotional bodies. Let love rule the Earth.

Great Change

dragon Chen Rong  circa 1200

Corresponding with humanity’s movement into the Age of Aquarius, and indicated by the Solar Eclipses of the first few years of this century, certain world karma is unfolding. The world stands upon a knife edge – on the one hand disaster of catastrophic proportions, the like of which we cannot begin to imagine. A disaster so grave that it signals the end of much of the civilized world as we know it. On the other hand the way forward could easily lead towards the Path of Heart if only the ordinary, decent people of the world would stand together and cry out enough! Enough of the chaos! Enough of economic greed! Enough of global terrorism! Enough of ethnic cleansing, hatred and violence! Enough! What would it take for such a stance on the part of humanity? Simply put – a willingness to live in harmony with each other and with the other kingdoms of the earth and earth Herself. Solar Eclipses are integrally connected to the fate of our beautiful planet. In short they provide a map – a way forward, through chaos to harmony.

Archangel Uriel

Watcher of the West, working through the Fixed Star Antares

Antares, the fiery red star, also known as the Heart of the Scorpion is called in the ancient Arabic tradition the Watcher of the West. As one of the four Archangelic Stars of our Solar System, Antares stands as a sentinel of Protection and Justice for our Earth. It points the way towards the fiery realms of the inner worlds and asks humanity to choose wisely, the Way of War or the Path of Peace. Long associated with ancient Ur, birthplace of the Abraham and thus the Jewish people, through this impulse the Spiritual Hierarchy hope to bring to conclusion the racial issues with the Jewish and the Arab people worldwide, issues which have festered for more than 4,000 years in the history of mankind. Ancient Ur was located at the present site of the modern city of Baghdad. Solar Eclipses upon this Fixed Star have brought the buried hatred between east and west; black and white; Muslims and Christians; Jews and Gentiles to the fore of world events. Archangel Uriel gathers His host under this focus and opens the doorway for the release of those who seek to maintain this hatred and separatism. These souls will be ushered away from this and future incarnations upon the earth.

Archangel Gabriel

Watcher of the South, working through the Fixed Star Formalhaut

Heralds of Ascension

Formalhaut a most beatific, brilliant Fixed Star which harnesses the energies of the Archangel Gabriel. Formalhaut represents for humanity a trial or a temptation. Situated at the door to ascension it indicates hope for a lost humanity via the herald, Archangel Gabriel.

He is the Watcher from the High Place, full of power, wisdom and the guidance of the spiritual kingdom for humanity the erring child, who seek to find their way home to the Eternal realms. Formalhaut, and thus Archangel Gabriel holds the power to release us from the past heralding a new era of love and wisdom for our planet. In individuals who have this star prominent, (Abraham Lincoln) the best qualities manifested are their capacity for altruism and following of a noble cause. However the dangers of such noble idealism being corrupted (Adolph Hitler) are inherent for those with this fixed star prominent. Humanity is, and will continue to be, tested in just such a manner.

Chandra Easton