2022 Monthly Updates

We live in interesting times – let us lead from the heart to build a new civilization. Astrological insights on planetary patterns impacting us all.

December discussing:

Chandra discusses some of the planetary patterns inherent during December 2022: – covering Neptune stations direct in Pisces; Neptune Jupiter conjunction; south Node in Scorpio, North Node in Taurus and Capricorn stellium

  • wake up call for humanity
  • between now and March 2025
  • empowerment or asleep
  • moving beyond fear and denial
  • money, shelter, housing, territory/land politics
  • straight upward Path of Capricorn

September discussing:-

  • space race
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • money and shelter
  • humanities karma
  • Victory of Love over evil
  • removal of fiscal economy

August includes:-

  • Great Battle Nodal Fixed Grand Cross
  • Global ambitions South Node in Scorpio
  • Stepping out of the digital prison – Saturn in Aquarius
  • Sustainable living Uranus in Taurus

March includes:

  • Pisces stellium – running for cover, denial, transformational choices
  • Venus, Mars, Pluto in Cap. – creative leadership, battle for control
  • North Node Taurus – wise use resources, money, food, land, Nature
  • Mercury Saturn in Aqu. – Big Pharma, digital control, community planning
  • Mercury Saturn Nodal TSq. – control/separation of masses via technology & money
  • Mercury Saturn – media gag, loss of pillar of democracy, new networks/society
  • Aquarian stellium. – AI, Spacelink, digital economy, Technocracy, innovative
  • Aries stellium – new chapter – stage two commences

February includes:-

  • Tr Sun forms Nodal Grand Cross – degrees of cruelty 13 – 19 Feb
  • Grassroots protests – Canberra: Sabian symbols
  • Tr Pluto sq Aries Asc. Australian chart – mid February: cleanse misuse of power

Jan/Feb includes:-

  • Mercury & Pluto – misuse of power, media propaganda; dismantling of democracy
  • Saturn in Aquarius – medical tyranny – BigPharma, BigTech
  • Uranus in Taurus – financial control of populace; social credit system
  • Vulcan in Aquarius – Grassroots protests arise globally
  • South Node – degrees of cruelty; karmic cleansing

January includes:-

  • Mercury in Aquarius retrograde – reflect find truth
  • Saturn sq. Uranus – changes with money, economic crisis; food scarcity
  • Saturn in Aquarius – democracy erosion as technocracy rises
  • Venus retrograde – reflect, tune into social values
  • South Node in Scorpio: cleanse our collective karmic shadow – cruelty

  1. Earth’s Great Change . . . .
  2. From Darkness to Light . . . .