Aura & Angel Reading

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Have you ever wondered about your aura – the energy field which surrounds your body? What colours stand out?  What do they mean?  Who are your spiritual guides and what do they have to teach you?   What is the link between your aura and health problems?  These and many other questions can be answered by an aura analysis/drawing with Chandra where she uses her clairvoyant gifts to describe your aura, and introduce you to your spiritual guides.

You are welcome to propose a few questions about your life, or you may prefer just to see what your spiritual guides have to tell you.  All sessions recorded and audio file link emailed to you.  Appointments via Skype or in person.

Details from an Aura/Angel Reading

Cost:  45 min. session – $120

Other Consultations

Phone  03 5348-1077




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