Alternative Methods of Survival

For those Children of the Heart who respond to the call from the inner spiritual worlds, now is the time to act.  We would be foolish to sit by and wait for such changes to occur without implementing strategies for survival during this time of the Great Transition.  This warning comes from Chandra’s book “Earth in Transition” penned in 1999. Since that time we have moved from Earth’s Transition more deeply into the Great Change. Our world is changing rapidly, now is the time to prepare and act.

If the power of a city has previously come from the electricity grid, it may be necessary for certain communities to learn to function through the power of the sun or water. 

If water from the central governing bodies turns sour or diseased, then it behoves all residents to provide themselves with drinkable fresh water.  

If the air of certain cities becomes too toxic for life, as a result of environmental hazards, then radical transmigration to different spheres may be necessary for thousands, even millions, of souls. 

 If one has become complacent with obtaining basic food supplies from the large retailers, then it may be necessary and prudent to make alternative arrangements.

Those who have a sincere desire to assist their fellow men and women during hard times will find themselves, guided. led and supported during the worst of the changes. 

The exchange of goods and services will provide a new fabric for the society of the future.

Those Children of the Heart who form the new communities will simply learn to do without.

Total reliance upon mechanization spells disaster for the future survival of the race.

In the times ahead the farmers  will once again have to learn to work closely with Nature, without the assistance of mechanization.  Many of the modern methods of farming will become obsolete, as the technology which drives them becomes unavailable.

Home or community gardens will once again become the backbone of family and regional survival.

Self-sufficiency will no longer be an ideal for a few, but will become an essential means of survival for the majority.
Excerpt from Earth in Transition