Earth Star Alignment

In these early decades of the new millenium our collective hearts are striving to bridge the divide between each other, nations, religions, creeds and races. Through regular alignment with our hearts; the Heart within the earth and the Divine Heart, we create a bridge of Living Light. This bridge exists for those who wish to live in peace and harmony with each other and all creatures; together we will cross safely to the other shore and enter into the New Day that is dawing upon our New Earth.

Journals from My Heart

Connection through our collective group heart, with the Heart of Lord Maitreya – the fifth and future Buddha of Earth – will see us safely to the distant shore. . . . .

Letters from a Loving Heart

Letters from the inner worlds of Light, that have given me the hope, joy and courage to persist in learning to live in Light . . . .

Herald of Ages

We are living through extraordinary times on Earth. As the Great Year, approximately 25,920 years, ends we complete the circle of twelve Zodiacal Ages. At this time humanities destiny, as caretakers of earth and the lower Kingdoms comes under review. Collectively, our soul purpose is to learn about Love; to learn to live in Love; and ultimately to become Love. . . . .

Songs & Poems

When the Spirit moves me words of praise often follow.  Sometimes they emerge as songs or prayers of hope and joy for the New Earth. . . .

Risen Earth

Earth’s Light Body

Ancient Arabic people refer to Hurqualya – the lighted body of Earth. If this subject is of interest to you may enjoy the teaching on Huqalya, Light Body of the Earth, which Chandra presented, throughout Scandinavia and Australia, in 2011. (1hr 10 mins.)

Our Earth has many sacred sites, over the years I have visited some of these majesty places within Australia and Europe. . . . . visiting sacred sites