Fountain of the Rose

From the Heart of the Rose there comes a most radiant fragrance.  It is the essence of love for all mankind  -  Mother’s Love.  This is the love which flows like honey from the bee.  This Mother’s Love, it anoints all in its path.  This Mother’s love, it transfers transcendence.  This Mother’s love, the nectar of the God’s is for all who wish to receive it.

There is not a heart in all the wide world which cannot drink at this fountain of eternal youth.  To drink at this fountain is to receive the Grace of God, blessings a thousandfold.  To drink from this fountain is to be forever touched, forever healed, forever blessed.  To drink at this fountain is to live in the light of ecstasy.  This light, this ecstasy, this holy healing Fountainbleau  - it is for you.  

Come now, my children of the heart, come now, come now.  
Come drink of Mother’s love. 
Come now, come now, come drink of Mother’s Grace.  
Come now, come now, come drink of the Peace of the Divine. 
Come to the Fountain of the Rose,
The Fountain so blue, so pure, so free.  
Come now.