Medical Intuitive

Deep regenerative healing takes place when the root cause of health problems are identified and addressed. Chandra works intuitively, combining medical astrology diagnosis, communication with your body and inspiration from her medical guides, to pinpoint the underlying causes of chronic health issues and difficult to diagnose medical matters.

In depth insight into your physical, emotional and mental health is gained from the longer comprehensive session. Therapeutic sessions also include a brief Esoteric Healing, where the Light of the soul is called upon for healing of the energy bodies of the aura.  This  work is very restorative for those who are exhausted or recovering from recent operations and illness.

Medical Intuitive with brief Esoteric Healing1.5 hrs  $200
In person or Zoom

Follow up:           Some people choose to have an Esoteric Astrology reading with a focus on Medical Astrology and then follow up at some point in the future, with a Medical Intuitive session. When combined they provide deep, practical insights into chronic health challenges. A second follow up session in six weeks time is used to review progress and identify the next step in healing.

Jen Acevedo

Naturopath, Nutritionist & Wellness Practitioner, Yoga, Core & Movement Trainer

Personalised guidance for health transformation, using functional and sustainable methods. Find natural balance with mind, body, lifestyle medicine.

Chandra highly recommends Jen Acevedo, working from Brisbane or via Zoom. Get in touch through FB to discuss your individual needs, or email.