Diamond Light Healer Training

Overview of Diamond Light Healer Training commences September 2023

DIAMOND LIGHT  Esoteric education is suitable for practitioners of the social/health/creative/healing arts who wish to deepen their practice with Light.  It is also suitable for students of the Ancient Wisdom, who are dedicated to their inner soul journey.  We will be covering in  theoretical and practical terms the Esoteric Sciences of the Seven Rays, the Path and Science of Light & Soul Healing, which inform the newly emerging professions of Esoteric Healing and Esoteric Psychology.

Four Modules:  Esoteric Healing

  1. Foundations of Light, Triangles of Light, Holy Mothers Healing
  2. Rays and the Heart of Spiritual Practice
  3. Angels, Alchemy and the Heart Lotus
  4. Seven Ray Healing & Student Clinic

MODULES  Each module consists of webinars, informal Q&A and weekend intensives for the practical components of the training.  Teaching and healing is within an interactive group; we will meet fortnightly online for webinars and Q&A, as well as , over the next 18 months or thereabouts.  Email for a Registration Form.


Four intensives in total will be held – two in the Certificate Course, and one within each of the Diploma and Practitioner Degree. Practical training include exercises, group dynamics, personal healing, meditation and much more. Our goal is to train integrated Lightworkers with a sound foundation in the Ancient Wisdom Traditions.


CERTIFICATE: Module 1 & 2

Module One:  Foundations & Triangles of Light & Holy Mother

Working with Christed Light
o Laws of Healing I & II
o Magnetic Healing & Soul Light
o Holy Spirit Holy Mothers
o Science of Triangles
o Law of Karma & Healing

Module Two:  Rays & Heart of Spiritual Practice 

  • Path of the Heart
  • Maintaining Balance
  • Heart of Spiritual Practice

    DIPLOMA: Modules 1, 2 & 3

    Module Three: Angels, Alchemy & Heart Lotus

    • Working with Angels
    • Alchemy & Serpent Fire
    • Into the Heart

    PRACTITIONER DEGREE: Modules 1,2,3, 4 & Student Clinic

    Module Four: Seven Ray Healing 

    • Aura cleansing
    • Seven Ray Healing
    • Music & the Rays
    • Student Clinic


    To participate in these workshops your need to be:-

    • emotionally and mentally in good health.
    • committed to the next step of your own transformational growth.
    • committed to learning and applying the fundamentals of these Teachings of the Diamond Light within your daily life.
    • committed to deepening your insight and skill-base of wholistic spiritual practices for the benefit of others, either in the workplace, family or community.



    Chandra has worked professionally as a healer for 35 years. Her experience as a practitioner bridges many disciplines including – esoteric psychology and astrology, community education & development, esoteric healing and past life therapy, spiritual education, medical astrology, disability advocacy,  sacred earth healing and sacred women’s healing.

    She began her studies in Traditional Astrology in 1977 and continues to study, consult teach and empower others.  Her work as a spiritual healer and angelic clairvoyant began in 1988.  As an esoteric educator she has taught many aspects of the Ancient Wisdom throughout Australia and Europe. Her career and personal spiritual journey have provided valuable skills and practical insights, which are shared in these training workshops.  Her experience and insight into human nature and soul life have been gained by decades of professional work with clients, students and groups.  

    Chandra has been profoundly enriched by the work of, and deeply  indebted to, Lady Ananda Tara Shan, Mother founder of Heart Flow Worldwide www.heartflow.org and www.maitreyatheosophy.org

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