Angels of Justice

Seen clairvoyantly Their chakras form the base of a flaming sword.  They have mighty wings of light. Violet light moves up the central column and forms a flaming corona. They can be seen carrying swords. Alternating electronic blue and silver, light radiates from their heart chakras outwards.

"We stand within the Blue Flame. Wings outstretched. We form a shield.  We protect, we defend through the Heart of Justice. We work for the Law. We uphold the Law. We embody the Laws. Call upon us for Justice Divine. Call upon us for Justice for all.  Call upon us for the strength to persist." 

On behalf of the Avatar of Synthesis and Earth’s Board of Karma, They work. The Lady of Shamballa, Lady Pallas Athena and other Divine Mothers anchor the Divine Earth into the core of the physical earth. An alignment is seen linking Sirius, Great Bear and Pleiades. The Cosmic Christ works to prevent the dissolution of earth’s orbit, due to an increase in evil on earth, which would have disastrous consequences for our Solar System and beyond.


"Redouble all efforts for peace. Redouble all resistance to outright evil. Redouble the vision of planetary balance. Redouble all contact with soul and beyond. Redouble all actions of courage. Redouble all actions of love. Redouble all vigilance against sloth. Redouble all deeds of conviction and love. Form circles of allegiances, circled of trust. Bonds of the heart. Unite in peace, now."

Visualise a Star of David over the Earth. Within this Star Lord Jesus, the New Jerusalem, radiates His Light throughout Jerusalem, the Middle East and conflict areas all over the earth. He is the Temple of Solomon. The Christ stands like a gold pyramid of hope and protection over the planet, His disciples stand all around him and pour His Light into the world. Light triumphs over darkness.


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