Some lovely feedback from clients over the years:-

“I have known Chandra for several years and have always found comfort and support in her clear guidance. We have worked on a variety of spiritual practices together within astrology, healing sessions and karmic relations. I have received a variety of precious insights and gone through many sessions to uncover the deeper layers of my personality and the challenges I faced. Our sessions have contributed to greater personal clarity, improved intuitive connection and a sense of liberation in many spiritual aspects” Jacob Denmark
Chandra has for some years made me a natal chart, transits and solar return for the year ahead.  In doing so, harmony and balance have come into my life, because I can see in the chart when difficult times lie ahead. Knowing that does make it much easier to cope with the difficulties,  as I can see in the chart when they will end.  It really makes life much easier.”  Helga, Iceland
“I have known Chandra for over 10 years and have consulted with her professionally as well as observing her in a teaching situation. I hold her in high regard for her skills in psychology and career counselling. I consulted with her in the last several years with regard to career matters and I found her to be thoughtful, helpful, and professional in her interactions with me.” Mary, Victoria.
“I have had healings with Chandra for a number of years – often absent healings and whenever possible in person. Chandra works with the Ascension energies in a very intuitive way,  which has supported me to make the necessary inner shifts to become much more of Myself. A truly profound process!”  SK, Ballarat,

More Testimonials . . .

Chandra visits Denmark
Resources: “Wow! Wow! Wow!  Thank you so very much for this connection to this website – Maitreya Theosophy – and these wonderful teachings!  They are confirming for me what I had forgotten!
During a time of major personal crisis Chandra’s help was unique and impressive. Whilst planing my bucket list trip around the world, Chandra’s view of the year ahead, coupled with her interpretation of where I should travel for the best chance of following my souls purpose, fitted perfectly with the small voice in my heart. I departed with such inner and outer confidence that magic manifested everywhere I travelled.Phil, Glen Lyon.
And whilst on my fantastic journey a Skype Soul Reading answered many questions about past life influences and future possibilities. If you are at a deadend, or a crossroad in life, or on the journey of a lifetime, Chandra has some unique and heartfelt skills to help you find your way home. Highly recommended.”
Phil, Glenlyon

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