Planetary Birth by Fire

Written in 2002 - still relevant

The Will of God descends – First Ray in action

Initially a number of options lie ahead for a troubled humanity. Transformation through the cessation of ethnic violence, religious hatred and worldwide terrorism is necessary if humanity wish to tread the upward path of the Heart. Are we willing to renounce amassed hatred and thus transform our civilisations to ones of true civility?

Why is it that humanity are unable to hear the cry which surges forth, the cry for peace, the cry for hope, the cry for liberation? Have we covered our ears with apathy or self-interest? Do we continue to trust our leaders in the face of their denial, their fear, their prejudice, their conservatism? Are we afraid that our security, our wealth, our livelihood will be eroded? Questions well worth asking ourselves in our heart of hearts.

The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth stand amassed waiting, ready to assist in the salvation and redemption of all. If we choose the lower path of war, destruction and chaos motivated by national or material interests, then the environmental crisis’ associated with water and fire will continue to plague the earth in ever increasing spirals of drought, fire, flood and famine. Humanity is currently galvanised by world events to find a way of responding to such actions in a decisive, just, manner. If our motivations for war are those of defence, protection and Justice for the underprivileged and unprotected we are responding to the higher vibrations of the Ray of Will and Power.

If humanity fails to respond to these higher vibrations, with its call for transformation then we are in effect asking that the Forces of Righteousness bring about transition/death upon our planet. Gaia, Mother Earth will not be sacrificed for the sake of a wayward humanity. The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth simply will not allow this to happen. In the event that humanity fail to respond to the multitude of global problems which surround us, then we will find ourselves faced with not only the fire of warfare, but also the potency of spiritual fire and its global consequences. For those who chose to align with the Law, the Way of Ascension opens. For those who choose to take the Law into their own hands the Path of Return calls them.

Avatar of Synthesis – Forerunner of the Intergalactic Host

The Avatar of Synthesis is a mighty Cosmic Being who has come to the assistance of humanity, as a result of our cry for help over the last two/three decades. He harnesses the Will of God and is aligned with the Forces of Righteousness, in the war which is currently being waged on the inner levels of Earth. This is the same war which threatens to overtake the entire planet on the physical level of earth in the years ahead. The Avatar of Synthesis, works tirelessly in complete co-operation with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth and the Bodhisattva Maitreya, in the discharge of highly potent spiritual energies. Such energies will sooner, rather than later, transform our civilisation from one of darkness to one of Light. These energies are particularly felt at the major spiritual Festivals of the year, namely the Christmas/New Year Holy Days, Easter, Wesak, Asala and the Michael Festival occurring in December, April, May, June and September every year. We can expect increased activity from the Avatar of Synthesis during the years ahead.

Tests of Fire – Earth becomes a sacred planet

Humanity stands poised upon the edge of the abyss. Before us lies the Path of Discipleship, which leads towards the fiery spiritual realms. Entry upon this Path, also known as the Way of the Heart is through the portal of the First Initiation of the soul. This initiation can only be passed through by tests of Fire associated with the planets Pluto and Vulcan. Pluto transforms the shadow self of humanity, whilst Vulcan purifies and lifts us towards the realms of soul and Spirit. Together Pluto and Vulcan provide the energies to purify the amassed evil, which has revealed itself on the physical plane in recent times.

We are put onnotice that we have arrived at the Threshold of Decision.  This threshold on the Path of Light is precipitated by the Burning Ground. The Burning Ground is the battlefield upon which the dweller on the Threshold faces the Angel of the Presence. The stage is set for transformation, transmutation and transfiguration – opportunities which exist for all people on earth. The tests of the First Initiation are associated with the issues of sex/survival, power and money. So we can expect battles in these arenas to intensify around the globe. An unfortunate link between power/money/war and rape exists in our history.

It will become evident by the choices and policies of individual nations and races, whether they are standing with the Forces of Light and thus the Solar Angel or the Forces of Negativity and thus the Dweller on the Threshold. The Planetary Dweller, which is the amassed evil thoughtform of humanity, has arisen for transformation NOW. It only continues to exist because of the evil and separatism held in every individual, every nation, and every race. We have before us an opportunity for accelerated spiritual growth, if we can find the will, the heart and the reason to will to love each other and live in peace on this most precious planet. The time of reckoning has come. We enter the Endtimes as we seek to move forward into the Age of Aquarius. Earth is truly in state of Transition/Death/Rebirth, as we seek the light of the spiritual realms.

Chandra Easton


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