Bright Heart of Scandinavia

We travel from Oslo to the Lillehammer region, a few hours north of Oslo, along the skirts of beautiful Mjosa, the largest lake in Norway. Our train wings its way into the heart of the forest; to the feet of the mountains we are carried along.

In answer to Her call we come on this beautiful full moon, to drink of the peace and merge with beauty of all. From vistas high we see Mjosa, whose name means the bright, shiny One; she shines in the late afternoon light. Wrapped in a rainment of blue, white and green, stillness enfolds us as we sit within the rays of the setting sun. Silently the birches run down from mountains high towards the silver lake. Younger saplings, stand shyly sheltered within the protection of Mother forest. Birds on the wing, bumblebees busy in the clover; golden reindeer Reinfann flowers bloom, all is perfection. Through Goddess veins Lake Mjose, filled with Jewels of devic Light, flows to the towns and cities within this land.

“Welcome, welcome, welcome. The lake is my garment of Light. Through her, I touch my people. Feel my heart, one with my people, feel my heart. We Scandinavian Nordic Regents, we work in concert. Across the centuries, we work in concert to unite our hearts, our air, our mountains, oceans, lowlands, sea, cities. We work in concert.
Silver light, streams across the waters of the lake. You see my impression. Silver light dancing over mountaintops. You hear me in the streams, you see me in the snowfields, I am everywhere with my people. Today my joy, your joy, my joy, your joy. You have answered my call. You come, traveller of the stars to join your Nordic sister, she of the bear heart. You come and so we work.”

A vision of this most beautiful Nordic Regent appears.  Capped in polar Light, streams of pale blue starlight sweep from the Arctic Circle down Her mountains, through Her forests to the fjords and the waters which surround. Silver light descends as She sings her mountain song. 

Sagas of ancient times come alive, as a Nordic dragon, old and yet renewed, works within Her for the protection and defense of all.  Angels of a thousand hues traverse Scandinavia, while a corona of blue starlight surrounds Her. Blessings and protection for Scandinavia flows to all.

Leo Aquarius Full Moon Lake Mjosa, Norway, 31st July, 2015

Visiting Sacred Sites

Footsteps of Light . . . .