Walk a mile in their shoes

The people of this ancient land will reclaim, in due course, what is rightly theirs.

Reparation for past injustice is the key to building the bridge to cross the divide, between the past, present and on into the future. Those of good hearts, sound minds and purity of Spirit must work together to this end.

Let the Paths unite; footsteps cross.

Walk a mile in their shoes.

Let all Australians who seek Justice on behalf of our First Nations people,

walk a mile in their shoes.

When the Truth has been spoken.

When Treaty has been made.

When the anguished cry from past recedes.

Then the foundations of a Way forward to a just society will be able to be laid.

Until that time, invoke the Spirit of Peace.

Invoke the Spirit of Reconciliation.

Invoke the Spirit of Resurrection for all.

Easter Monday