Glastonbury Tor

Hill of Peace and Protection

To this ancient Hill, this site of Light, the Path leads.  Across the countryside those seeking Light came to this Tor.  From this land the Light of Sanctuary shone forth.  In times of hardship and times of rejoicing the people flocked.  To sit upon this ancient hill is to enter into protection.  The protection of Michael radiates from this seat, to those in need.

From coast to coast, the Light was lit.  From hill to hill, the Word was sent forth.  Gather, protect, defend or gather, commune, celebrate.

I see images of mighty fires being lit across the land – south-west from the Tor to Lands End; north – east diagonally this Light passes through the Michael leyline to East Anglica.

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In times gone by Fire was used to communicate at certain auspicious times of the year (Samhain 31st October; Yuletide, Winter Solstice 21st December; Imbolc – St Brigid’s Festival 1st February; Spring Equinox 21st March; Beltane April 30th; Midsummer Solstice 21st June; Lughnasadh, 1st August and Autumn Equinox, 21st September)

As a mighty watchtower the Tor of Glastonbury shone for all. Those who sit in stillness, gather unto themselves Michael’s Peace.  His peace, His protection continues to issue forth.  Feel the peace.  This Hill of Peace and Protection is currently used as a gathering point, a fulcrum wherein Light is gathered, and when needed dispensed, for the world crisis.

Vortex’s of light appear before my inner eye and I am aware that the protective Light gathered at this Hill radiates outwards to the British parliament and her people during times of hardship, war, pestilence.

Emerging out of my meditative state, I see family groups enjoying the Tor.  Slowly we descend the many steps which encircle the Hill and our feet find their way to the Glastonbury Abbey.

Chandra Easton

3rd July 2013