Glastonbury Abbey

Becoming a Pillar of Light

We wander down from the Tor and find our way into the heart of the Glastonbury Abbey.  One of the largest abbeys build in Great Britain, it stands in ruins.  As a result of the Reformation and the dismantling of the abbeys throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, none remained intact.  Glastonbury Abbey, once a mighty seat of Light, now has little left except the outer walls and foundations with the exception of what is known as the Abbot’s Kitchen.  Sited within a large acreage, the peace of the old Abbey is felt.  We wander the grounds, standing at the site of the burial of King Arthur and eventually come to sit within what was once the heart of the main abbey building.  I attune to the inner levels and feel a connection to Lord Morya, Chohan of the 1st Ray and guardian of Glastonbury.

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“Vestiges of a pillar of Light from the past are all that can be found here.  You witness the relics, mortal remains of a sacred site.  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  The Light always triumphs.  Good always emerges victorious over evil.

In every Age there comes a time when the past must fall away to make way for the future.  Relics such as this serve as a reminder that the form merely serves to house the Light of the Soul.  Outer glorious form, with no inner Light, is of no earthly use. 

Look beyond all outer form to perceive the Light within.

Humanity does not value that which it has not yet earned.  To value the Light of the soul takes incarnation upon incarnation upon weary incarnation.

To raise oneself up from a mere mortal to your divine Self requires effort.  Stone by stone, cell by cell, brick by brick, the form for the soul is built. Then in a certain cycle when the soul Light begins to triumph; stone by stone, cell by cell, brick by brick, the outer facade is dismembered.

What remains once the outer facade has been torn down is a ray of Light, which shines and radiates and emanates.

To become this shining, radiatory, emanating Light is the task of all.

Bend to the task of disassembling your personal self, stone by stone, cell by cell, brick by brick and become a beacon of Light.

When this has occurred in the hearts of the majority of people on earth our planet will be a lighted planet, upon which all can dwell.”

Rested and rejuvenated after meditation, we leave the Abbey and move out into the busy, bustling streets of Glastonbury, in search of Light within one of its many bookshops.

Chandra Easton

3rd July, 2013