All Blessed Be

Drink of the waters of my love
All who are thirsty, abide with me.
When sorrow leads the heart to weep, abide with me.
When all is darkness and despair, my Light guides thee.

Children of my loving heart
Children of the Path of Light
All those who search and those who are found
Abide with me and I will give you safe passage through the storm
That harkens nigh on to earth.

Through darkness and despair, Light persists
In all places and through all times, my voice calls to thee.
In all ways and forever, blessed be, oh child of mine.

As we enter deeply into this holy season
Clouds of hatred gather; they threaten the calm and peace of earth.
In all places and through all times my voice protects thee.
In all ways and forever blessed art thou, child of mine.

Through eyes of beauty, Love descends
Within the rainbow of my heart all shielded be.
Through my words and touch, silence comes
Enveloped in my heart of Love, all blessed be.

water-bearer aquarius woman

21st December, 2014

Letters from a loving heart