A tide is coming in the affairs of mankind.
This tide of love will wash the earth clean of hatred and despair.
This tide of love, My love is coming soon to earth.
For the Coming of the Christ upon the white steed.
Flanked by the Avatar of Synthesis and Lord Michael.
He Who will be crowned King of the Earth.
He comes, He comes, He comes.

Beloved Saviour of our race.
He comes, He comes, He comes.
All is readiness. All is stillness. All is hallowed.
He comes unto the physical realms upon His white steed
Deliverer, Redeemer, Heart of all Hearts.
He comes, He comes, He comes.
Beloved saviour of our realm, unto the prison of all darkness.
He comes, He comes, He comes.
Arise! Bespeak His name.
Maitreya. Son of the Sun, Beloved of all,
Beloved Son of the Sun.
 He comes, He comes He comes.

Venerated, unto all true Children of the Heart.
Known by many names, Heart of the One Heart,
Beloved Heart of all, Vanquisher of Darkness.
He comes He comes He comes

Arise! Arise! Arise!
Light of the World, Redeemer of all Faiths,
Saviour unto many, Hallowed Fiery Breath of God.
 He comes, He comes, He comes.

Upon the white steed of forgiveness.
Pure saviour of the lost, the vanquished, the innocent.
Beloved Heart of all Hearts, Risen One. 
 Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice.
He is come!
New Years Eve






Chandra Easton