Within the Heart of Earth

Within the Heart of Earth, protection reigns supreme.
Within the Heart of Earth exists the space to breathe and find ones rhythm.
Within the Heart of Earth there is space to expand and become oneself.
Within My Loving Earth, Love reigns supreme.

An Invitation into great Light

We are all invited into greater Love – an invitation into heartfelt Beingness. An invitation for communities, individuals, families and groups to come together in trust and kinship is extended to us all.

Only within the Heart of earth, can true security be found. All other measures of safety and security are illusionary by nature. All other attempts to protect oneself against the harsh realities of life on earth, in the end come to nothing.

The greatest protection, the only true protection, is that of the beat of your heart, connecting to the beat of other’s hearts and so uniting in the group heart; and for that group heart to connect with the Heartbeat which lies deep within the Hearth of earth. It is ensouled by Mother and Father Christ. The Heartbeat of earth nourishes all. Finding your rhythm, your, way, your place, your group, your tribe and establishing a sense of belonging within this group, is the most important task ahead.

Madness reigns supreme in many places on the planet – madness reigns supreme. Chaos, rivalry, greed, materialism, fear and hatred – they threaten to overwhelm us; but when you are anchored, embedded and stitched into the Heart of Love, the Heart of Father-Mother Christ, then your protection is assured.

Uluru: Spiritual Heart of Australia

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” A simple philosophy that has proven the test of time. If you seek sanctuary, give sanctuary to others. If you seek shelter, give shelter to others. If you seek true livelihood, give of yourself to others. If you seek succour, find those who hurt and nurture them. Simple truths for a seemingly complex world. Too simple, some might say, too simple.

What are we. if we are not based in the heart of love? Who are we if we do not beat in rhythm with the heart of all? Inner and outer resonance, inner and outer heartbeat. Inner and outer succour, that is the purpose, the goal and the intention of all life – cling to that.