Reflections on Australia’s National Karma

December 2021

Our inability to look beyond self interest, xenophobia or fiscal national interest stands in stark contrast to our view of ourselves as a tolerant, inclusive just society.  Not only have we failed in our lofty goals of embracing multi-culturalism, but we continue to fail in our karmic obligations to the first nation people of this country. Our efforts to close the yawning gap which exists between Aboriginal people and other Australians around health, education, work opportunities, housing etc is a deep stain on our national identity and thus our national karma.

Many of our government’s policies continue to be  heartless, cruel and draconian. Despite being a signatory of the United Nations Refugee Convention – we have for several decades locked up children indefinitely in detention centres and deported people back into wartorn regions – all in the name of defending our way of life. By turning our backs on people fleeing persecution we have brought to our shores, national karma.  Our failure to legislate compassionately has now come back to impact all Australians now.

Karmic repercussions

Our government has failed to legislation against corruption;  has taken the donations of wealthy corporations and plutocracies,effectively ceding power over all Australians, in the realms of food, water, seeds, agriculture, money,  telecommunications, fuel and so much more.  We are now reaping the karmic consequences of these decisions.

State of Play

As a nation we have worshipped for far too long at the foot of the  Altar of:-

  • Power over Nature (mining exploitation, Great Barrier Reef,Murray Darling) . . . .
    • loss of ability to survive –
    • oceans rising, drought, fire, flood
    • pestilence, pandemics
  • White male supremacy (racism, elite misuse of power) . . . .
    • Indigeneous genocide and inter-generational trauma
    • refugees incarcerated
    • murder of Australian women continues
    •  Australian citizens refused re-entry to the country
    • Australian citizens locked down and locked out
  • Materialism:  Plutocracy’s & Multi National Corporations . . . . .
    • loss of food, shelter, medicine, water
    • loss of money, (removal of cash – digital currency)
    • loss of resources  (electricity, gas,fuel)
    • loss of democratic government (puppet democracy)
    • loss of individual personal freedom (locked down, locked out)
  • Communication & Technology . . . . .
    • loss of open, free media and journalism
    • loss of privacy (incoming Social Credit system)
    • loss of basic human rights
  • Science . . . .
    • loss of natural medicine & food
    • loss of bodily autonomy (vaccine mandates)
  • Education for the Wealthy . . . . .. university’s crumble

Signs of Hope

  • Millions are searching for deeper meaning
  • Indigeneous farming  practices
  • Inclusive communities forming
  • Networks of sharing, barter
  • Collaborative housing emerging
  • New earth technologies
  • New leaders
  • Free press emerging

Without vision, the people perish

When we create walls of protection and defense through self-interest, apathy or fear, we lose our vision and thus our heart.  Australia has a destiny to become a doorway in the western world for the entrance of greater love and compassion.  It is up to all of us to be the change we wish to see in our country;  to lift our voices in protest and proclaim on behalf of those who have no voice.  Through the lifting of our vision and raising our voices in the name of Liberty, we inspire ourselves and others to persist in the face of darkness and evil.  Through such actions we will once again be able to stand tall and proud of being Australians.  This challenge lies before us and our nation.

Chandra Easton


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