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“I would just like to say thank you for the career development sessions you did with me. The process has helped me a lot taking so many career opportunities in to consideration. It has helped me realize that there are many possibilities for me out there, and it has also helped me to clarify what choices are viable for me in my situation and according to the nature of my personality and personal needs and ambitions. It has also helped seeing really clearly that I haven’t yet made any real passionate choices about my career life. It has always been something like doing what I did as a temporary thing until I would find a real career path. That real career path was never found, though. I hope I can find it now.

After having rated different things that I find valuable about a job such as how important it is for me to have self fulfillment, independence, health, environment and many other values, it has become easier for me to understand what kinds of career paths would be viable for me. As a result of my counselling sessions with you, I am right now looking at moving in to either TESOL, special education or mediation. All three areas came up between my top 6 career choices according to the career development you did with me.”

KK, Melbourne, Australia, 2007

Esoteric Psychology & Career Counselling

“I have known Chandra for over 10 years and have consulted with her professionally as well as observing her in a teaching situation. I hold her in high regard for her skills in psychology and career counselling. I consulted with her in the last several years with regard to career matters and I found her to be thoughtful, helpful, and professional in her interactions with me. I could see that she was drawing on a substantial base of experience and study in the field.On the occasions when I have attended a session where Chandra has been teaching, I have found her to be very knowledgeable, well prepared and thought-provoking, and again, drawing on many years of experience.”

Mary, Victoria, Australia, 2006

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