Soul Reading & Past Life Regression

“Wow! Wow! Wow!  Thank you so very much for this connection to this website – Maitreya Theosophy and these wonderful teachings!  They are confirming for me what I had forgotten! My reading was exactly what I needed to hear even if I ‘apparently’ at the time didn’t want to! I’ve shifted again back to aligning feeling with these prayers and explanations I have tools now to guide me back to myself and feeling clearer n clearer everyday especially after reading some of these insights that resonate with all I had learnt in the past.  You are awesome Thank you!”  K, Victoria, Australia 2019

“Thank you so much for my soul/past life reading on Sunday at the Sanctuary. While the lifetime revealed was grim and sad for the old alchemist in me, there are an awful lot of things in that life that are curiously paralleled in this life. Most particularly, the similarities with my biological father around emotional abandonment and his dementia are very accurate. I have been wondering how to deal with this relationship and now I kind of know. I am trying to be kind, maybe as others were towards me, when as the old alchemist I had, from grief, lost the plot. My current life seems to mirror/in reverse, to a degree, what I did to my kids in the life of the old alchemist!  I can see that I am being taught a lesson and, while I cannot change the circumstances in my father’s life ending, I can change mine. It also explains why I am working on death, as the parallels from my 1750’s work with medicine, corpses and death are also very real. I will be glad when I’ve completed this particular work, as I am not – unlike my colleagues – finding it particularly enervating. They are really into it and I am quite reluctant. The emotional resonance from that life, around the subject of disposing of corpses properly still lingers on.  Namaste”  Floris, Northern England, 2013

“Thank you Chandra for the Soul reading I had with you last time you were in Iceland.  It really meant a lot to me and gave me an insight which has helped me to understand better my relationship with some other people, why I and they behave in a certain way.  It is so helpful to know these things and with this knowledge I have been able to change an old pattern which has followed me in many lifetimes, and that is really a blessing.” Helga, Iceland 2014

Soul Reading

Past Life Regression