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Esoteric Astrology - natal chart and year ahead.
"I've just finished listening to it this morning and I have to tell you Chandra, I am so blown away with your amazing gift and pearls of wisdom. I am so grateful to you for the reading I have had with you this month.🙏🙏  I honestly relate to everything you interpreted from my charts .  It was such an insightful and healing reading, be it confronting and challenging in parts, but that is the necessary Yin & Yang of life. It has given me hope and inspiration to start the big climb out of my cosy bunker.😱 I feel I am at a point in my life now, that I have nothing to lose, just more of the same, if I choose to stay stuck!  ✈️ 🌎☘️"☯️ 
V. Brisbane 

Esoteric Astrology

6 months into the reading with you and I wanted to express my gratitude to you. I have listened to your recording a few times and each time I hear your voice in a reassuring way so that I embrace the future or changes with enthusiasm and courage. You have satisfied some really deep needs of mine thereby making me feel incredibly supported and nurtured through this time for me where I am as you mentioned birthing a new identity. ”     J.  Melbourne

“Dear Chandra, happy sweet spring to you. I just wanted to let you know how helpful your astrology reading has been to me during the somewhat challenging winter. Your reading is rich with practical wisdom and of course as the months unfold I am able to link more specific circumstances with the guidance your have offered”. Anon.

“Since my Esoteric Astrology reading with you, I have spent many quiet mornings slowly moving through the recording and deeply contemplating what moves me at this time. Already it has had a profound affect on me! I am so grateful for all of the effort you put into this reading, I was truly astonished by your accuracy and deeply moved by the way you imparted the information. Through your efforts, I have come to understand myself in a whole new way! A way full of self-acceptance and love! My deep gratitude,” L. Central Victoria

Esoteric Astrology To say that it was information overload is probably an understatement and I will listen to the session over and over. You are nothing short of amazing. And I thank Inna for her referral. After having done tons of work on myself over the last five years (and lifetimes evidently) and continuously trying to make sense of my world this reading has been a breath of fresh air in putting the pieces of my puzzle together. It all makes so much more sense. I have had an astrology reading done before, but not into the depth which you have taken me. I always wondered how the Gemini personality took on such a different form for me and how some of the pieces in my puzzle just never really fitted snug. But yesterday a whole lot of pennies dropped and I am now clearly able to take the next steps in this beautiful journey called life. Thank you 🙏. . . . . .And this reading has certainly instilled a new level of confidence that I am on track and I can do this. So thank you again.. . . . . It’s time to move on in deep gratitude.” M. Sydney, Australia

Soul Readings

Thank you so much Chandra for the wonderful spiritual healing work you do for us all. You truly are an earth angel. 😇 V. Brisbane Australia

“My soul reading was exactly what I needed to hear even if I ‘apparently’ at the time didn’t want to! I’ve shifted again back to aligning feeling with these prayers and explanations I have tools now to guide me back to myself and feeling clearer n clearer everyday especially after reading some of these insights that resonate with all I had learnt in the past.  You are awesome Thank you” K. Melbourne, Australia