Esoteric Astrology

“Since my Esoteric Astrology reading with you, I have spent many quiet mornings slowly moving through the recording and deeply contemplating what moves me at this time. Already it has had a profound affect on me! I am so grateful for all of the effort you put into this reading, I was truly astonished by your accuracy and deeply moved by the way you imparted the information. Through your efforts, I have come to understand myself in a whole new way! A way full of self-acceptance and love! My deep gratitude”  Linda  Victoria 2019

“6 months into the reading with you and I wanted to express my gratitude to you. I have listened to your recording a few times and each time I hear your voice in a reassuring way so that I embrace the future or changes with enthusiasm and courage. You have satisfied some really deep needs of mine thereby making me feel incredibly supported and nurtured through this time for me where I am as you mentioned birthing a new identity. A very special time for me indeed. I tell everyone I meet they should go and see you and I think about 3 people have already. Thank you so much again I really appreciate it.”     J.  Melbourne 2018

“I have known Chandra for several years and have always found comfort and support in her clear guidance. We have worked on a variety of spiritual practices together within astrology, healing sessions and karmic relations. I have received a variety of precious insights and gone through many sessions to uncover the deeper layers of my personality and the challenges I faced. Our sessions have contributed to greater personal clarity, improved intuitive connection and a sense of liberation in many spiritual aspects. For this I am truly thankful, and can only recommend others to meet Chandra for guidance on life cycles, personal challenges and spiritual development.” Jacob, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014

“I personally recommend Chandra’s insight, clairvoyance and understanding for all esoteric work. Her inspired words will resonate at deep levels for a long time as you slowly integrate it into your life.”  Linda, Northern Rivers, Australia, 2014

“Chandra has for some years made me a natal chart, transits and solar return for the year ahead.  Having this chart is very helpful because it explains, month for month, the emphasis needed to effectively follow the flow of life (and the stars).  In doing so, harmony and balance have come into my life, because I can see in the chart when difficult times lie ahead. Knowing that does make it much easier to cope with the difficulties,  as I can see in the chart when they will end.  It really makes life much easier.”  Helga, Iceland, 2014