Ascension Healing

Ascension Healing – personal and long distance

Thanks very much for the recording, as well as the healing you gave me yesterday, which was very deep, profound and beautiful. I’m still reconfiguring . . .  it was that deep. I am very appreciative of the skills you have and the light that you shine forwards on the path for me and many others.”  N. Central Victoria.

“Thank you for all the help you gave me when you where in Iceland recently. I have been feeling so whole, peaceful and reconciled and full of light since then. I feel so blessed, to have come to your work and talks of course, they where the best. I have never felt so happy – there was so much love and light and joy and I really enjoyed them, so thank you dear Chandra. I also feel like I have always known you as a dear friend of mine.”  “Thank you so much for the Wesak healing, it’s such a powerful healing and it helps me to surrender and also to help bring the light into my body. It makes me so happy. Thank you also for the White Tara healing. I’m so grateful for all your great healings.”  Sif, Iceland

“I have had healings with Chandra for a number of years – often absent healings and whenever possible in person. Chandra works with the Ascension energies in a very intuitive way,  which has supported me to make the necessary inner shifts to become much more of Myself. A truly profound process!”  SK, Ballarat, Australia

Divine Mother Healing Circles, Meditation, Workshops

“I have been privileged to attend Chandra’s Divine Mother’s Healing Circles during 2014. The experience of participating in these healing circles was truly inspiring. Chandra has a wonderful way of blending her spiritual knowledge and wisdom,  passed onto her from her beloved teacher Ananda Tara Shan – along with divinely inspirational music and vibrational singing bowls to which she adds the power of crystals and essential oils into her healing practice.  Her meditations touch many levels of a human being, bringing healing and insight to the individual concerned. If you are interested in deepening your spiritual path and seek the benefits of healing, these meditations, focusing on the attributes of the Divine Feminine are a blessing not to be missed.”  Julie, Scarborough

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful afternoon of healing, meditation and friendship. It was one of the nicest meditations I have ever experienced. The venue was perfect too.”  Luba, Ballan, Australia

“I highly recommend Chandra as a skilled and compassionate meditation and workshop facilitator. She has a depth of knowledge about metaphysical and astrological subjects that she is easily able to impart to her audience. Chandra is a highly effective spiritual healer with years of experience supporting people seeking spiritual alignment. Her work is based firmly within the Theosophical tradition which give it a very firm foundation in truth.” Julie, Scarborough


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