Sunday Meditation Service

16th November 2014
The Three Kingdoms

Sending light and love into the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms.Earth Healing

A non-denominational service for the spiritual evolution of yourself, the world and the Earth. We will focus on individual, community, world affairs and endeavour to nurture the will-to-good and goodwill in all. A group focus for sending constructive and healing thoughts and feelings to where they are needed the most on Earth.

Meditation Centre of Daylesford and Glenlyon

11 — 12:15 pm  (Please be seated by 10:55 am) 35 Toris Road, Glenlyon. The Centre is about a 15-minute drive from Daylesford, so those attending should leave there by about 10:40 am in order to arrive and be seated on time, before beginning of service


Zachary / Tel. 5348 7804 Free admissions donations appreciated

Heartscape Australia program