Turtle Dreaming – Queensland


To the Low Isles we sail.

The far horizon calls.

Across the coral waters

To the land beneath the sea.

Into the shallows, we plunge

Another world awaiting us.

Of beauty, peace, tranquillity

Floating suspended in the blue, blue sea.

Parrot fish, anemones,

Starfish of all hues,

Turtles green and brown.

They swim and dive,

In the forest beneath the waves.

In ecstasy we follow them.

Turtle dreaming,

Coral Sea calling

Turtle dreaming,

Coral Sea calling.

With sails aloft,

 We call the Spirit of the Wind.

Spirit of the Wind, come to us

And slowly we sail towards the shore.

Sunlight caresses ocean waves

Disappearing in afternoon haze.

Serpentine coast, etched upon the clouds

Hearts at peace, we turn our face to shore.

Turtle dreaming,

Coral Sea calling.

Turtle dreaming,

Coral Sea calling evermore.


Chandra Easton

September 2013


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