Mossman Dreaming

Mother Mossman

Sun on dappled river, afternoon shadows fade.

Call of bellbird’s echo, peace surrounding all.

Wind through tree ferns whispers, birds in joyful song.

Sun on dappled river, peace surrounding all.

Silently stones tumble, Mother Mossman flowing free.

Leaves upon the water, eddying busily.

Rattle of the bridge; a local heading home.

Evening shadows falling, peace surrounding all.

Forest sounds abound, silver river flows.

Mossman River Dreaming, peace surrounding all.

Palms stretch towards the sun; silver light washes over the river.

Forest canopy protects, Mother Mossman flowing free.

Echoes from a distant past, ancient corroboree.

Feet on earth, a gathering, past Mossman flowing free.

Hinterland hills surround, Mother flows upon her way.

Sunlight on silver river, peace surrounding me.

Mossman dreamingChandra Easton
16th September, 2013

Photos of the region

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