Her Red Heart

Returning to Mother Dreamtime

Her Red Heart calling me.

Voices from an ancient time,

Echo timelessly.

Returning, feet on sacred skin

Her heartbeat loud and clear.

The time has come; the time has come

Her Red Heart calls to me.

Simpsons gap central australia

Returning unto open arms

Red breast laid bare and free.

Ancient rivers, salted lakes.

Her Red Heart calling me.

Returning unto salted veins

No tree or leaf abide.

Sun dapples oér Her body bright

Her Red Heart calls to me.

cascading rain on rock uluru

Returning, touching, blood red skin

Soft tears upon Her land.

Clouds caress, as deserts glow

Her Red Heart calling me.

Returning, ’neath Australis, southern stars

Our Cross rests heavenly.

Seven sisters calling, calling

Calling endlessly.

Chandra Easton


Spiritual Retreats

Under Desert Stars  –  August 2017

Grandmother MoonCentral Victoria April 2017