Angels of Malmo – St Peter’s Kyrka


A daytrip from Copenhagen on the train across the water to Sweden.  With no plans we wander the old part of the city of Malmo and come upon St Peters Kyrka.  Entering this beautiful Cathedral, we connect with the presiding Angel at the Altar.  After a while in contemplation, we are about t leave when we notice that a concert is commencing.

Bells are heard on the inner levels, as the Angelic host gather and people takes their seats.  Overshadowed and interpenetrated by the Angelic Host the quartet of classical musicians – violinist, pianist, and cellist’s – transform the cathedral with sound and Light.

Angels of Mother Christ and Her Holy sepulchre descend as the air is filled with Mozart’s Sonata.  A beautiful, tall, white, pristine angelic Presence settles around the violinist.  Rose Angels in servicmalmo classical concert_webe to the Christ surround the cellist.  I am made aware that the healing vibrations are being gathered and distributed throughout this part of Sweden and beyond through established networks of Light that link Stockholm, Malmo and a coastal city.  St Peters Kyrka is connected to a network of other 3rd Ray cathedrals worldwide, through which the Angelic host work.

As I observe the musicians at work, a Violet Fire deva overshadows the two pianists; to the beautiful strains of Schubert transmuting Violet Light pours out into Malmo.

Behind the violinist a tall, white, pristine, radiant Holy Mother Angel works, gathering and distributing the Sound and Light.  Her wings are shot with pink, emerald,  and violet light; yet her primary emanation is pure white. Throughout the concert I am in communication with some of the Angels:-


We are the resident Angels of this Temple of Healing.  We act as the primary distributing Host from this cathedral, for this part of st peters altar malmo_webSweden.  We are en-rapport with the National Deva of this country and thus the greater Heart worldwide.

Our task is to uplift the spirit;  to invest all who pass within these spheres in the radiant Light of Mother Christ.

We gather, we radiate, we gather, we radiate, we gather, we radiate.”


The presiding Angel of Rhapsody is tall, flame like.  She descends in intermingling flames of Light – pink, violet, gold and white.  Her aura extends upwards within the Dome of the Cathedral, some 20 metres.  Within her field of light smaller distributing angels gather.  She sings to us.

Angel of RhapsodyWe are the Angels of Rhapsody.  We elevate, we lift, we resonate. Your heart we align to the Divine Heart.

Rhapsody, Rhapsody, Rhapsody. We minister to those in grief and whose hearts are broken from great sorrow, great suffering.

We are assigned to transmit this Light, this rhapsody to planetary places of devastation, sorrow, war, mass violence and earthquake areas.

We serve the Christ.  We serve the Cosmic Christ.  We serve the Mothers.”

Peacefully, filled with Light, we leave the cathedral to explore Malmo and share this Light with the world.

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Chandra Easton
 5th June, 2013 © 

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