To rest at Glendalough

A place of peace, rectitude, solitude

On our second last day in Ireland we awaken to the light of the Glen which is the Glendalough, nestled between two lakes. A monastery was founded here by Saint Kevin in the 6th century. For the rest of his life, he built a haven, a community for monks and scholars. A place to gather and build the light of the Christ in Ireland. Glendalough was one of numerous monastery’s established in the century after the holy incarnation of Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. As we sit near the Tower, in the heart of the old monastery, the heart of Lord Kuthumi speaks to me.

“This place was a haven from the world of men, they came seeking solace, seeking the gospels, the Word. They came.

In times to come seekers will again search the Word, the Law, the Heart of Christos. Monasteries such as this where sanctuaries of learning. In our fast and busy world humanity can no longer hear the Voice of God.

Still we call; still we shine the Light. Many cannot hear, they do not respond. They turn away busy with their busy lives; they turn away from silence, solitude, rectitude, they turn away.

In His name, we call to the souls of man. In His name we wandered the Earth. In His name we resolved to toil in the Garden of His Heart. In His name, we weep for souls once close, who wander far afield.

In His name the Mother steps forward. In Her name the call goes out. Her song, Her joy, Her blessings. In Her name you are called to the silence of your great I AM. In Her name, in His Name, in Her name, in Our name.

Down through the Ages, across the centuries of time, the call sounds forth.

Will you respond?

Will you respond?

The call goes ever forth.”


As I sit in the sanctuary that is Glendalough, around 1,400 years since its founding, I feel grief for the loss of the simple monastic life in the modern world. Grief arises for the turning away of humanity from the Christ. This deepest grief is intermingled with the everlasting joy of the Call. The everlasting joy of the Call, which spans eternity.

“Father-Mother God is ever patient. Father-Mother God is the bliss of remembrance of the Call. We welcome you Home, we welcome you.  Over the threshold, into the Light.  We welcome you Home.”

 Chandra Easton

29th June, 2013