Spirit of the Reef

Into the deep blue peace, take refuge.
Into the open embrace of nature in her most sublime, take refuge.
When the outer world with all its turmoil threatens to encroach.
Enter into the peace, the beauty of Nature's embrace.
Here in the sparkling sunshine, where the blue Pacific ebbs and flows,
Take refuge.
The Spirit of the Reef is a living breathing Spirit.
She is reflected unto the light of the ocean, the green of the tropical isles, the azure sky.
Here where the rainforest meets the reef, take refuge.
Take time to examine the cares of the world that you carry with you.
With your feet in the sand, your heart in Natures majesty,
Let the cares of the world fall away.
We the Angelic host work ceaselessly to cleanse, to purify the oceans.
This reef and it's many small atolls is cleansed of oil, pollutants and radiation swirls.
The microcosmic life which exists within this reef reflects the macrocosm of the starry heavens.
Lie with your back to the earth, your face to heaven. Take refuge.
The creatures of the sea, the whales, the dolphins, they work in accord 
with the One Heart, the Great Heart.
They call, they sing, they play. They are the caretakers of these oceans. Honour them.
Call now for the Light of Christos to seal and protect  islands, these atolls, these creatures. Call now. Ask and it shall be done. Give thanks and receive
Chandra Easton

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