Spirit of Iceland calls

In Spirit in Iceland

As I listen to this music by a co-worker Arjuna Govinda on one of his trips to Iceland, I am transported to the beautiful mountains of Iceland, one of the holy lands on this fair earth. 

The Spirit of Iceland calls:-

"From the north, the south, east and west. I stand at Þingvellir. I AM the Spirit of Iceland. I work through your brothers and sisters. I AM Fire and Water I AM. Through the mists, from the Fire within the earth, through mountain streams, I pour my heart to this land. My people are goodhearted. They have suffered and learned much over the centuries.

Through this warrior of many lands I sing, I reach out, I touch hearts. I call you into Oneness. One Heart, one Land, one Heart, one Land. Through my call the Devas come; through my call the Spirits of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, they respond.

We serve the Law. We work for Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. We work for Michael, Father of Fire, we serve. Fire runs through the veins of this land, under oceans, through glacial peaks, Fire runs. Fire overtakes and transforms. Iceland, She births a new consciousness on earth.
spirit of iceland 2
Starpeople, children of Light, old souls, they walk together.  Ships of Light they gather.  Ships of Light, they gather.  Mothers of Light they respond to my call.  I call the Fire within the Heart of Earth.  I call it forth.  My voice, my song, my voice, my song, it calls forth Fire.

Soon this planet will receive a mighty blast of Cosmic Love, Cosmic Love, Cosmic Love.  Love surges from the core of earth outwards to meet Cosmic Love. I AM the Breath that directs that Fire, that Cosmic Love to earth, to earth.  Soon a rain of Fire shall descend all over the earth, a rain of Fire.
Iceland (2)

Soon, all will be transformed by Love.  Cosmic Love, Cosmic Fie. Solar Fire, Solar love.  Together they will bring forth Fire within the Heart of humanity.  Love will overtake all.  Love will conquer all.  Love wills love.

Let the children of the Loving Heart hear my call. Let the children of Love, find me, find love, find solace, find protection. Into our loving Hearts, take refuge. Take refuge from a world of hate, take refuge. Take refuge from a world of greed, take refuge. Take refuge from a world of chaos. Into our loving hearts take refuge.”

Chandra Easton

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